2 December 2020

5 Best Apps for Audio Streaming

There was a time when there were only a handful of streaming services worth mentioning. Now there are more than we can count and many of them have decent offerings. You also see more diversification in the space, with many moving into podcasting. This has made streaming much more versatile and more interesting for streaming lovers. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for audio streaming.

Best Apps for Instant Live Streams - Spoon Radio

Let’s start with one of the newest platforms on this list. Spoon Radio was founded back in 2017 and is a platform that allows anyone to start their own live streaming channel.

People can connect and subscribe to the channels that they want. They can log on and off from any stream that they like. They can also use the front page to find new streams that might be in their chords. This is a great place if you want to discover lesser-known creators who may not have gotten recognition from larger platforms yet. It's also a great platform for those who may want to hear alternative voices on certain subjects.

Best App for High-Quality Audio - Tidal

When Tidal first started to make headlines after it was acquired by rapper and music mogul Jay-Z, many still didn’t understand what separated it from other services. But few understood what lossless audio was at that time.

In short, lossless audio is a compression type that allows pieces to maintain all the qualities of the original. Tidal allows subscribers to both get the regular version and the lossless audio version of their service. This is bar-none the best option for audiophiles who want to enjoy CD-quality music or better from any device and from anywhere.

Best Service for Streaming Music - Spotify

If you're looking for the best service overall for music, then we have to give it to Spotify. It is the world's leading platform and has one of the largest libraries out of all services. It is known for its great curated playlists.

The platform also started heavily investing in podcasts having just signed Joe Rogan not too long ago. Another great thing about Spotify is its free version that allows you to listen to all the tracks that you want in exchange for ads. It also allows you to put up to 15 songs in your playlist. It's also relatively straightforward for small, independent artists to get their own music on Spotify so that they can release their music into the world. Plus, they can check out the best place to buy Spotify plays and streams to increase their reach and, hopefully, gain themselves the following they are looking for.

Best Runner Up for Streaming Music - Deezer

Deezer should also be in the discussion for the best streaming service for music. It has more tracks than Spotify, actually, but it doesn't have anywhere near the same podcast selection. Spotify has over 500,000 podcasts at the time of writing, and we can't imagine seeing Deezer get anywhere close soon.

It has tons of great features, however. One of our favourites is the SongCatcher feature that allows you to capture songs that are playing in your surroundings.

Best App for Multiple Devices - Apple Music

No list of streaming apps would be complete without Apple Music. What Apple does best is technology. All music in your list is directly added to the cloud, allowing you to access your music from any device easily. It also has a great feature that allows you to search songs by lyrics and curated playlists just like Spotify. The only issue is that you have to pay to use the service as there is no lo-res or free version.

These are our list of best platforms for streaming. These all have something different to offer depending on what you’re looking for, so we suggest you download a few of them and give them a try.

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