3 October 2020

The Most Lucrative RTG Slots

RTG (stands for RealTime Gaming) is a top-rated American company that primarily deals with the creation of online slots. It was founded in 1998 in Georgia. Over the years, it has created dozens of different slot games that are frequently featured on some of the most popular online casinos – whether it be a regular casino or a mobile RTG casino - on the internet. That being said, there are different statistics when it comes to different slots powered by RTG. The payout rates vary, and so do the RTP stats. Below you will find out some more information about the most lucrative RTG slots.

  1. Paydirt. The name doesn’t really ring a bell for many people when they are asked to ascertain the game’s theme. And the theme is about the gold rush and being on the lookout for gold, which is quite the appropriate theme for a slot game. One of the best things about this game is how well it implements the theme – the characters and symbols come to life. There are three different bonus games to choose from and the main game is set up on a 5x3 grid with 25 lines in total. As for the theoretical RTP rate – estimates vary but it’s been shown that it can climb all the way up to 97.5% - which is quite good when it comes to online slots.

  1. Outta This World. With a playful name like that – you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun playing this Megaways slots not on Gamestop. The theme is about outer space with flying saucers, planets, and other such symbols in the game. While it takes a playful approach to the subject – the game will still be fun for outer space enthusiasts. As for the theoretical RTP rate, it’s set somewhere around 96% of all the bets, making it one of the highest paying RTG slots to date.

  1. Enchanted Garden. This time we enter the magical world of fairies. And we do this in a slot game with 5 reels and 20 paylines in total. There’s a big jackpot that you can win in any given spin if you’re lucky enough. Other than that, there is a fun bonus feature where you can get 7 free spins with extended wilds bonuses. Best of all – the feature could be retriggered so that you can get many more free spins. And the RTP rate of this game is set at 96.38%, which is ever nearer to the 100% mark.

  1. Cleopatra’s Gold. Finally, we enter the period of glorious Ancient Egypt – specifically during the reign of Queen Cleopatra. If you’re fascinated by this period in history, you will find this game very endearing and captivating. There are the cat symbols, the God Horus, Cleopatra herself, and much, much more. There’s a huge jackpot at stake, and you may be the one to win it if you’re lucky. The game features 20 paylines on a 5x3 grid. And the RTP rate is at around 97.5% - keeping in line with some of the highest paying RTG slots to date.

If there’s one thing that we’d like to mention though, it’s the fact that RTG doesn’t come out straight with the RTP statistics of their games. What they offer are RTP payout ranges. We’ve told you about the approximate RTP rates of the abovementioned games – and these statistics came out after thousands of spins, however, we can’t guarantee that the RTP rates are set in stone. Moreover, RTG is known to offer different RTP rates for the same game in different casinos. That being said though, the four abovementioned slots are indeed some of the most lucrative RTG slots to date. Have fun playing them!

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