4 August 2020

FEATURE: Summer Stuff


As the pandemic continues to alter our lives, potentially forever, it may seem like the summer of 2020 is a total write-off. However, to help make things fun and varied, we've gathered together a bunch of stuff that we've been sent recently that could help make the sunnier months more tolerable. Read on.

Offensive Polo Shirt

No, this isn't a polo with an offensive slogan (touch my so-and-so, flick my thingy, etc), but rather a polo made by Offensive. Offensive make simple, stylish t-shirts and polos, ideal for the hot weather, branded with a prominent 'Offensive' logo.

They kindly sent us their navy polo shirt with bright pink logo, and it's a lovely garment. A cotton/poly blend, the shirt is tough, comfortable, and breathable. You can easily wear it down the pub, once you've booked you table for no more than six people, or at home, where you can dream of the days when you had purpose and direction to your life.

Either way, the logo is certainly eye-catching, and the shirt is a comfy wear. Check it out, along with Offensive's t-shirts and other garments.


CLCKR Phone grip & stand

If you do manage to get out more this summer, you'll no doubt have your phone in tow. All that whipping it out of your pocket to snap pics could lead to accidental droppage, so think ahead and pick yourself up a CLCKR. These clever (and dead cheap) adhesive gadgets stick to the back of your phone and give you a two-in-one boost: a grip and a stand.

Coming in an array of colours and textures, CLCKR folds up neat and tidy, hardly adding to your phone's bulk. You can then pull out the grip to act as a flexible hand strap, or tuck it partially back in as a stand. Either way, it adds safety and security as well as convenience.

And it's only a bloody tenner. Go, get one now.

£9.99 each

Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Randy Cow Swim Shorts

If you make it to a pool, or even the beach, you'll need a killer pair of trunks. They don't get much more killer than this saucy number from Randy Cow; killer as they're adorned with sharks, and because they feature an innovative pocket.

Phones and water tend not to mix. Even waterproof phones are at risk when you take them for a plunge into the pool or sea. That's why Randy Cow have included a waterproof pocket into their tough, comfortable and stylish trunks. The pocket uses an air-tight seal, coupled with magnetic fastenings to keep your phone (or wallet, or whatever) safe and dry. And, remarkably, it doesn't add much bulk to the swim shorts themselves.

Lots of cool styles and a great solution to a summer problem. Check 'em out.


Lifestyle Garden Nassau Furniture

If you can't go 'out out', stay 'in in'. Lifestyle Garden have a great range of versatile indoor and outdoor furniture with an interesting backstory. The Nassau range includes an array of modern, simplistic wooden tables, and chairs made from fishing nets. What?

It's true. The Nassau chairs, as well as being comfy and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, are made using recycled fishing nets that have been saved from contributing to ocean plastic waste. Which is jolly nice. From the range we were sent a couple of chairs and the circular bistro-style teak table, perfect for smaller balconies. 

Versatile, easy to clean, and very handy to have around.


Haix Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX

We're fans of Haix, here at TTP, having enjoyed their range of sturdy, comfortable adventure footwear in the past. For this summer they fired over a pair of the rugged Black Eagle Adventure 2.1 GTX shoes for us to test and happy we are indeed.

The shoes, designed primarily for outdoor treks and exploring, feature a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane, anti-slip soles, and a cushioning interior, great on long walks. They are essentially hiking boots in trimmed-down, shoe style, so look just as good on a trek to the coffee shop, as they do on a trek up Snowdonia.

We loved the olive colour of the pair we were kindly sent, as well as the fast-lacing system and overall style. They're cool enough to wear on a hot day, yet tough and supportive enough to keep you moving well into the winter.


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