24 January 2020


PNY MOBEE Gimbal review
Steady on

If you're big into your mobile photography, you'll know that a handheld gimbal is a great way to keep things stable (especially if you read either this or this review). Gimbals add stability to devices, such as your phone, that don't typically possess their own, creating butter smooth footage and more besides. We get back into gimbal mode with the PNY MOBEE Gimbal.

Like pretty much all of the hand-held stabilisers out there, the MOBEE is a single-handed device designed to accommodate any size of smartphone. With the specific app downloaded to your phone, you link to the gimbal via Bluetooth and enjoy some extra functionality that your lowly arm could never manage.

PNY MOBEE Gimbal review

The PNY MOBEE Gimbal boasts a range of these attractive features, sure to turn the heads of photographers both green and seasoned. First of all, it's relatively small at only 28cm in length and weighs just 1.4kg without your phone. It doesn't fold up as compact as the above linked Benro product, but as it's currently up for grabs for less than £70 on Amazon, you'll probably excuse that.

PNY MOBEE Gimbal review

The headlines with this thing is that it features 3-axis stabilisation, with face and object tracking, slow motion capture, time-lapse and panorama. The included mini tripod screws to the base (also letting you affix it to any other standard tripod) so you can set it down, use the app to set the functions, and let it work by itself.

The build quality is pretty decent here, and what we've come to expect from PNY products in the past. From our experience, PNY make things that work very well, but do so affordably with a 'no-thrills' feel. Because of that you get a great price, but miss out on the likes of a carry case or programmable functionality (see the Benro gimbal review to see what we mean).

That said, the PNY MOBEE Gimbal does a lot for a low price, and the companion app (for iOS and Android, obvs) is intuitive while not being overly pretty. The gimbal's clamp also seems somewhat stiff, which might offer peace of mind that your expensive phone won't fall out of there, but actually made us somewhat nervous it might crack the screen. Hopefully that will loosen up over time (and to be clear - it never did crack or damage any of the phones we used with it).

PNY MOBEE Gimbal review

If you need a cheap gimbal for some acceptable smartphone footage, we recommend you check this out right now.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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