3 December 2019

REVIEW: Devolo Magic 2

Devolo Magic 2 review
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Sure, the world is a bit of a mess right now, with idiots in charge and the climate well and truly kaput. But, for the vast majority of us, the most important things in our lives stay the same. Namely, how fast the internet is. To that end our old pals Devolo step in with a compact and easy to use powerline system that will solve your WiFi woes. We check out the Devolo Magic 2.

For those who don't know, powerline systems are a very useful way of extending the reach of your internet. Using the copper wires of your home's electrical circuit, you connect one end to your router, plug it in, and on the other end the signal is picked up and piped directly into whatever you need. Typically this would be a direct connection to a wired device like a desktop computer or Smart TV, or a WiFi extender.

Devolo Magic 2 review

The Devolo Magic 2 does both of those things. Featuring three district units, the Magic 2 offers both wired Ethernet connections and WiFi of up 2400 Mbps. Which is great.

However, as good as that sounds (and as good as Devolo products always seem to be) what impressed us most about the Magic 2 was the setup. The base unit hooked up to the router via the included Ethernet cable, then plugged in nearby.

The other units were then strategically placed throughout the house, plugged in and ready to go. The two satellite units have two Ethernet ports each, which is great, but also project the internet via WiFi. This acts like a mesh system, so you get super-fast internet throughout the home.

Devolo Magic 2 review

And it just worked, immediately. We've dealt with more complex powerline kits in the past that required painful setup procedures. The Devolo Magic 2 just worked, however, straight away. The network was instantly detected via Ethernet, and the WiFi was just there, waiting for our devices to connect. It was a genuine pleasure.

We employed ours in pretty logical places. The first satellite unit went by the TV, so we could connect both the PS4 and the TV via Ethernet. The other went upstairs, projecting a WiFi network on the edges of the usual reach of the router. So, as you'd expect, one set of powerline adaptors killed two annoying birds with one stone.

Devolo Magic 2 review

Usefully, all three units feature power pass-through, so you don't loose three electrical sockets when you use the system. You can also use the Devolo app for greater control over the system - something we've always appreciated about Deveolo in the past.

This is a sound system that features pretty much everything you could want. Unless you live in Buckingham Palace, the range of the mesh WiFi will cause no issues, while the double Ethernet powerline ports on each satellite unit will come in handy. A great set, well made, and infinitely useful. Now all Devolo need to fix is the world. Let us know.


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