6 November 2019

FEATURE: Christmas Gift Guide 2019 #3

Christmas gift guide for adults
Grow up

We're back with another guide filled with fun buys for this Christmas, but this time we're going all adult. No, this won't be a feature about sex toys to stick under the tree (although that sounds great), but is instead the first of our guides concerning gifts for grown ups. If you know a grown up who likes to get presents at Christmas, on ye shall read...

Sherlock 221b Collector Print

Interesting one, this. The BBC's Sherlock TV series has been a mainstay of Christmas Day specials for a few years now, and this unique gift from GB Poster is totally elementary. Measuring one metre tall and 50 cm wide, the vertical framed print depicts Holmes and Watson's famous residence on Baker Street.

Christmas gift guide for adults

For a lover of the show it's a nice and subtle bit of decor. For everyone else... it's a photo of a door in a big frame - just like Father Christmas always used to bring us. That said, it's a high res image and looks great behind the frame - all of which GB Posters will happily send your way for a surprisingly low price. They have loads of film, TV, culture and art prints on the site, so for a truly individual gift (and to be be the biggest present under the tree) check them out.


Visit www.gbposters.com

Zymurgorium Realm of the Unicorn Gin

Christmas gift guide for adults

It just wouldn't be Christmas without some booze. And it wouldn't be proper booze with it being pink, filled with glitter, and with a unicorn on the bottle. That's just what you get with Zymurgorium Realm of the Unicorn Gin, a unique gin liqueur that would put hairs on the chest of any elf. Even the girls.
Christmas gift guide for adults

This special edition gin from Zymurgorium looks pretty amazing. We weren't joking about the glitter, so give the bottle a wee shake and you'll get a Jupiter-like swirl of colours and textures - all contained below a wax-coated cork. Pop that, and the taste is sweet, powerful, and reminded us of snogging a unicorn. Which we've all done while drunk. In reality the gin liqueur packs 20% proof in a 50CL bottle. Get it for your fun Christmas party... which will soon descend into a magical orgy. We wish.



men-ü Shave Facial Trio

Christmas gift guide for adults

From booze to men's shaving products, this feature really can't get more adult. What's next, mortgages? Anyway, we've recently been trying out the men-ü Shave Facial Trio set, a three-pack of 'nice stuff for your face, lads.'

Christmas gift guide for adults

It contains a shaving creme, a cooling moisturiser, and a facial wash and does the job with aplomb. The company always strives to produce kit that replicates the feeling of a professional wet shave in a barber's, and the chosen products work well together to achieve just that. After a razor shave the cooling moisturiser especially was a bona fide delight, and we can't recommend this enough. If Father Christmas found out about this, he might look a lot different sliding down your chimney this year.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

Tile Slim & Stickers

What greater gift can you get a fellow adult than the gift of never losing their stuff? We've reviewed the Bluetooth tracker Tile before, and in various sized and styles. But the Slim and Sticker certainly stand out.

Christmas gift guide for adults

The Tile Slim is a credit card sized tracker designed to slide into your wallet to keep tabs on your dough. Ridiculously thin, the Slim can also be secreted or stuck to pretty much anything, and chirps loudly whenever you tap the controls in the connected app. Check out the previous Tile reviews to see how it works over longer ranges, but the Slim is definitely the most versatile Tile yet.

Christmas gift guide for adults

Or is it? The Tile Sticker (or Stickers, as you get more than one) is thicker than the Slim but far smaller than the standard key chain style Tile. They have a adhesive back to stick to anything, and we found they are by far most useful for keeping tabs on remote controls. With these two new additions, Tile offer pretty much any kind of personal item tracking you could need.

Tile Slim £24.99 from www.amazon.co.uk

Tile Stickers (2 pack) £34.99 from www.amazon.co.uk

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