21 November 2019

5 Accessories to Improve Your Golf Game

Golfers are well-known for being meticulous about their game, so it is hardly surprising at how popular golfing accessories have become in recent years. Just like in any sports, golf players can be competitive, and while a game of golf is a bit of fun and a great day out, it is also a game in which the players want to complete the course in as few shots as possible. Therefore, in order to accomplish this, golfers must be on top of their game and improve their skills.

You can find a golf accessory to help you with almost every area of your game of golf, but it is fair to say that some are more useful than others. From an electronic golf trolley to putting mats, it is important to know the best accessories that will help to improve your game, and which are a waste of your time and money. To make things clearer for you, we have put together our top 5 recommendations of the best accessories that will improve your play.

Launch Monitors

If you are taking your golf game seriously and want to see some considerable improvements, then a personal launch monitor is the perfect accessory for you. The technology is well-developed, and the garmin vs. mevo plus debate demonstrates the wealth of options on the market. A launch monitor allows you to get the most out of your practice sessions and develop a good understanding of your range. It involves taking your shot with a stationary or portable device, and also means that you don’t have to wait for a good weather day before you can play. Instead, you can practice your swing with a golf launch monitor during the day or night, and summer or winter months. Using a launch monitor will provide you with all the feedback and information that you need to improve your golf game.

Golf GPS

In more recent years, golf has become increasingly more high-tech with there now being more technology-based accessories available to players than ever before to help them with their handicap. For example, the GPS devices are now available to help both beginners and more seasoned players with estimating distances.

This is one of the key skills that is required by a good golfer, as knowing what distance you need to go helps inform you with which club to use. If you find that failing to estimate your distances correctly is damaging your progress, then a Golf GPS could be exactly what you need. They have been described by golfers as like having a caddy in your pocket!

Range finder

If you often play golf alone and don’t have or trust a spotter, then you need a rangefinder accessory in your golf bag. This will measure the distance to the ball for you and use lasers to make measuring distances accurate. This will help you to improve your shot and club selection.

Swing Coach Club

While swing coach clubs have received some criticisms from golfers, they can have a considerable and positive effect on your golf game and how well you play. They are especially useful if you are new to the world of golf and need some beginners’ assistance. This training aid has been proven to help newbies to develop a good golf swing that they can rely upon throughout a game.

Experts recommend that by using a swing coach club around 15 minutes a day, you should soon see improvements in your swing tempo, swing acceleration, and correct swing arc.

Hitting Net

A hitting net is pretty much exactly what it sounds like and is a great chance to improve your shot. Even though a hitting net is essentially just a net, it is a portable and easy way to practice long shots and drives without fearing where your ball will end up. However, you should be sure to invest in a good quality hitting net, as you need it to be sturdy if you want it to take the power of your shot without any problems. They can vary in price, depending on quality and size, but any hitting net will make for a great addition to your garden and improve your golf game.

By using any of the accessories referred to in this guide you should notice a considerable improvement in your golf game and play.

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