31 August 2019

REVIEW: Chrome Urban Ex Sling Bag

Chrome Urban Ex Sling Bag

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As has been pointed out several dozens times before, we love us some hot bag porn. Bags seem to just excite us, here at TTP, and one particular bag maker gets us edging with joy every time. Returning to the impressive catalogue offered by Chrome Industries, we check out the Urban Ex 10L Sling Bag.

No strangers to Chrome, we've previously reviewed a few other of their bags, including another sling, the Vale. To those without bag-know, a sling bag is a smaller urban pack designed for carrying smaller everyday items, to be 'slung' over your shoulder.

Chrome Urban Ex Sling Bag

Basically sling bags are a go-to item on days when you're not lugging around your hefty laptop and you just need something to stow other stuff. However, despite the relatively low capacity of just 10 litres, the Chrome Urban Ex Sling Bag is roomy enough to carry a 10 inch tablet and smaller, thinner laptops. At a squeeze.

Chrome Urban Ex Sling Bag

As with the Vale, the Urban Ex is waterproof, boasting welded seams and covered, thick-locking zips. The outer material is a tough nylon, while the beefy, padded shoulder strap is securely sown into the structure of the bag. This ain't breaking anytime soon.

Chrome Urban Ex Sling Bag

The exterior features a dedicated pocket for a bike's U-lock, asserting Chrome's push toward 'active' users, like cyclists. Certainly a bag of this size and durability is perfect for cycling, although we usually prefer to use a backpack while on the ol' pushbike.

There is padding on the rear, where the bag meets your back, and compression straps along the side. Nylon loops on the front are handy for... stuff... while the outer, waterproof pocket will see your phone safe and dry, whatever the weather.

Inside, the 10 litres are surprisingly spacious, and as well as the tablet, you could fit plenty of items in there. Granted, this might not serve as an over-night or weekend-away pack, but for a day at the office, or a trip out to the park, you're laughing.

Chrome Urban Ex Sling Bag

The internal organisation pocket is useful for smaller items you don't want rattling around at the bottom of the main hold, and the main pocket itself opens wide enough to make access a breeze. All in all, this is an easy bag to grab and go.

Available in black, red, and khaki (which we reviewed), the Chrome Urban Ex Sling Bag might be a pricey endeavour, but one we feel is worth it. A Chrome bag we were sent over a year ago is still going strong, despite having been bashed, drenched, frozen and near melted during daily cycle trips this past year.

Chrome are clearly a brand that is sticking around; something we're very happy to see. Check this out.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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