11 July 2019

5 Awesome Gadgets to Improve Your Sports Game

Technological advancement is transforming various areas of life in a significant way, and that has also been the case with sports. The determination to produce batter athletes has seen sports technologies advance massively from ever-shrinking sensors to smart machine learning. Some gadgets have come onto the scene and are giving more actionable data and greater insights that are far better than many training hours. The data and insights are playing a great role in helping athletes improve their game.

Some of the awesome gadgets that help athletes improve their sports game include:

Adidas MiCoach Smart Ball

The Adidas Micoach Smart Ball is not your ordinary ball. It is a training device that links with smartphones and tablets. It gives the athletes practical information that is helpful for enabling them to perfect their skills on the pitch. This gadget generates a variety of data such as how hard you strike it, impact points, as well as data on how it spins. The data is relevant to know which player has the hardest shot among all of the players and can even help you to learn how to strike the ball with more force.

Zepp Old Hickory Bat

Baseball is a game that has a lot to with numbers. With the Zepp Old Hickory Bat, you can capture your statistics as you enjoy your game. Basically, this is a wooden bat with a space carved out of the handle to accommodate the Zepp smart sensor. By employing the Zepp’s swing analyzing software, the smart bat can calculate the speed, swing plane, angle of attack, as well as other relevant metrics. All of these captured statistics can help you to improve your performance as a player. Speaking of improving performance, you can improve your performance further by including steroids in your routine to have stronger muscles and enhance metabolism for higher levels of energy. It is crucial while considering using steroids to source them from reliable sellers who you can find online, for example at the Muscles fax website.

Speaking of baseball, this batting tee trainer from Perfect Swing USA will help you perfect that winning swing. Check out the tee trainer, as well as their other baseball tech.

FWD Powershot

This is a hockey stick-topping sensor connected via Bluetooth that can compute the speed of the stick, swing angle of the stick, weight passed to the stick, and other relevant analytics. The beauty of the sensor is that it is compatible with Android and iOS and easily fits into the top of the stick’s shaft. Another great thing with it is that its weight is a measly 35 grams, hence it is almost negligible. The sensor can also keep the memory of 5,000 shots.

Jolt Sensor

With some sports such as tackle football and soccer being very risky due to the possibility of brain injuries, it is crucial to monitor strong hits on the head. The Jolt Sensor is the perfect gadget for the task. It is clipped onto a headband or slipped into a helmet. Once synced with an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth, the trainers or parents can monitor the health of their athletes.

Peloton bike

Do you want to make your cardio sessions more enjoyable? Your best gadget for that is the Peloton bike, which is a web-connected stationary bike with an HD touchscreen and Wi-Fi. It also has a neodymium rare earth magnet resistance system. Athletes can push their limits from the comfort of their houses using the Peloton bike since it is linked to a heart rate monitor and live classes or a library of recorded workouts.


There are several gadgets that can assist athletes in improving their sports game whether by monitoring their activity, giving guidance on workouts, or offering safety from injuries among other ways. Some of the devices include Adidas MiCoach Smart Ball, Zepp Old Hickory Bat, FWD Powershot, Jolt Sensor, and the Peloton bike. 

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