27 April 2019

REVIEW: Chrome Vale Sling Bag

Review of the Chrome Vale Sling Bag


A few months back we reviewed a rugged rolltop backpack that was perfect for cycling, the Chrome Urban Ex. We were impressed, especially with the build quality and versatility. So we're happy to see another entry from the same company grace these humble pages. We test the Chrome Vale Sling Bag.

For those not in the bag-know, a sling bag is essentially a small bag, often with a single strap, designed to be 'slung' over your shoulder. Sling bags are also popular with cyclists who don't need to carry much on their backs, as they are light and easy to put on and off. However, what makes the Chrome Vale Sling Bag unique is that they've managed to keep the overall size of the bag down, but enable it to accommodate quite a lot.

Review of the Chrome Vale Sling Bag

The headlines here are that the Vale can comfortably fit a 13 inch laptop, has a capacity of 14 litres, uses compression straps to keep the bag as small as possible, features waterproof zips, and is made from tough polyester and nylon. Looks cool, too.

Review of the Chrome Vale Sling Bag

The main shoulder strap features a chunky Chrome clip and an optional clip strap to keep the bag in place, especially when cycling. The dark grey version we were sent looks great as an urban bag, although Chrome also makes it in tan.

Walking through the various compartments, the main hold features a laptop sleeve to keep your computer in place and protected. 13 inches is a pretty decent amount of space here, and although Chrome (and many other modern bag designers) will specifically mention the slim MacBook Pro, we had a chunkier Dell XPS 13 in there with room to spare. The compartment also has smaller internal pockets for pens, styluses etc, and a sleeve for a notebook.

Review of the Chrome Vale Sling Bag

On the back, where the bag rests against your body, there is small zipped compartment probably best for your phone or a small tablet. And on the front, under a lip by the two compression strap hooks, there is a wide pocket, good for everyday essentials like keys and wallets. Again, this is a good use of the available capacity, while keeping the bag trim.

The straps can be adjusted to reduce the overall dimensions of the Chrome Vale Sling Bag. This means that even when you're not stuffing it to the rafters, there is no loose space flapping about on your back. This offered great peace of mind when there was nothing in there but a laptop, so we knew it wouldn't come loose and potentially get damaged. We like that.

Review of the Chrome Vale Sling Bag

So as small, urban bags go, this is great. Yes, cyclists will love it, but city commuters, who need nothing more than their laptops and lunch, will like it too. The Chrome Vale Sling Bag is versatile, well-made, and handsome indeed. We approve.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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