9 February 2019

REVIEW: Beldray AirGility Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Does not suck.

Believe it or not, but we at Test Pit Towers really enjoy vacuuming. We shit you not. There is just something pleasurable about running a gadget over the carpet and effortlessly getting it clean. But the one pain in the arse that has always bothered us about 'hoovering' (yeah, we're common as muck) is the power lead. Plugging it in, yanking on it, coiling it up... we could just do without it. Well now we can, thanks to the Beldray AirGility Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Your headlines here are that this is a compact, battery-powered vacuum cleaner with an adjustable head. You can therefore use it hoover up on the floor, and hand-held clean the likes of your sofa or car, dust-buster style.

The main unit is surprising light despite its size (almost twice the bulk of a traditional hand-held vacuum), but it is mostly plastic. The bagless dust container features 1.2 litres of capacity, putting most robot vacuum cleaners to shame, and it flips open at the press of a button for easy emptying.

A full charge of the battery, which took about two hours on average, will provide you with around 45 minutes of cleaning time - less if you double tap the power button to enter 'super cleaner' mode. Which means it sucks harder. Oo-er. That time, however, is based on having the extendable, removable head on there. That features a very handy spinning brush, which draws power from the battery. Don't attach it and just use the included 'crevice head' (tee hee) and your cleaning time will extend by a bit.

However, that powered head is great, and combined with the suction, which was also fairly impressive, produced a good level of cleaning. The Beldray AirGility Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can't outmatch a plug-in cleaner, as there simply isn't enough power there, but it is definitely the best portable cleaner we've ever tested.

One slight downside was the size of the 'in' hole that leads to the dust compartment. We found that anything bigger in size than a penny would often get stuck there, blocking the whole unit. It served as a reminder that this definitely isn't a replacement for a full-sized 'hoover', and should be considered a convenient go-to device when you need to quickly suck up a crumb spillage, or when you need to vac up because the in-laws have dropped a surprise visit on you.

So, the Beldray AirGility Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is very good, and we've been constantly impressed by both the force of the suction, and the longevity of the removable battery. Know what you want it for, don't throw away your beefy Dyson, and you'll find it genuinely useful.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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