10 September 2018

REVIEW: Salter Colour Changing Glass Kettle

Boiling point

If you have any doubt that we're all living in the future, pop 'round our gaff and make a brew. For a while now, one area of the kitchen that has been sorely lacking in high-tech, visually stunning spectacle has been the lowly kettle. It just, well... makes water hot, doesn't it? Rubbish. However, lately we've been happy to inject a bit of pizzazz into the morning tea making sesh thanks to the Salter Colour Changing Glass Kettle.

In a nutshell, this is an electric kettle that lights up. Plug it in and place the glass kettle upon the power dock and a blue LED will light, shining around the lower edge of the glass, and reflecting through the water. Fill it up, hit the switch, and that same LED will turn red while the water inside begins to boil. Yep, pretty simple nutshell, that.

When not boiling (but while still plugged in) the Salter Colour Changing Glass Kettle will constantly shine blue, which has added a degree of future awesomeness to the kitchen. Other than that, the fact that the kettle is made from glass means the boiling process of the water is visible and makes for an interesting show, especially with a red light glowing through it. We're not saying it resembles the inside of a volcano, but it is also kinda exactly that. But with tea at the end. Not death.

It boasts of capacity of 1.7 litres, so should be good for about eight cups on one boil, and the connection with the base is circular, so both left and right handed people can pick it up. The included limescale filter will help keep your boiled water clean, and the steel accents make the whole package look pretty swish.

The Salter Colour Changing Glass Kettle is a solid bit of kit that is sure to look, and work, great in all kitchens. There isn't a huge amount more that we can say about it, it being a light up glass kettle and all, but the fact that we don't have anything negative to spout (kettle joke) is a good sign. If you're wanting to add some Bladerunner-style elegance to your home, check it out.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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