7 August 2018

REVIEW: SanDisk Dual Drive USB-C

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A few years ago we reviewed a very handy flash drive from Leef - one that combined a full-sized USB head with a Micro USB connector for your phone. We can't describe to you just how useful that little thing was, even long after the review went live. Well, these days it isn't, not really - not since the majority of new mobile devices - and some laptops - have made the change to USB-C ports. Hence our excitement to review the SanDisk Dual Drive USB-C.

In a nutshell this is a pretty ordinary flash drive. There is no WiFi connection (unlike this one, also from SanDisk) or anything overly special about the design. Slide the switch one way and the USB 3.1 connector will pop out. But... and here's the best bit... slide it the other way and a smaller USB-C connector will emerge. Hooray!

So, now whatever is saved on your flash drive can be accessed by both your laptop AND your new phone, with a simple slide and change of connector heads. If you need to transfer something quickly between those two different types of devices, and can't do so wirelessly, the SanDisk Dual Drive USB-C lets you.

The product itself is sleek and minimal in design, while still retaining enough weight in the hand to remind you that you have it. There is a loop in the body for you to attach a key chain, should you wish, although we've always found that mixing delicate flash drives with hard metal keys in your pocket is bad idea.

When plugged in, the SanDisk Dual Drive USB-C produces read and write speeds of up 150 MB per second - both when using the 3.1 and C heads. This therefore makes it a good option as a Bluetooth or WiFi transfer replacement, especially for large files. The time it takes to plug it in, copy over what you need, then unplug it to insert into the other device, usually always beats the finding and pairing hassle of Bluetooth. Just sayin'.

We were sent the very handy, everyday capacity of 32GB, although the SanDisk Dual Drive USB-C does go all the way up to 256GB, and down to 16. Prices aren't gonna hurt anyone, too.

So this is a very useful (and tiny) bit of kit that modern smartphone users should embrace. Check it out.

£17.50 for 32GB version

All capacities available at www.amazon.co.uk

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