9 May 2018


The ultimate game of catch

Ah, a good ol' game of throw and catch. How many parents and children have bonded over tossing a ball back and forth, and how many American family TV shows have ended with a father and son wearing baseball mitts and lobbing a baseball to each other in the back yard to apologise for an argument? Tonnes. But hey, what if we told you there was a better way to play catch? Impossible? Nay, it's called the JML FunSLINGER.

FunSLINGER is a two player game which is part lacrosse, part Nerf football, and part that weird scoop game they play in Tron. Included in every set are two slingers and a foam missile that whistles as it flies. You load the missile into the clip at the top of the slinger, and like a dog walker with one of those ball-flingers, sling it toward your friend. They then have to catch the projectile in the net, and then repeat the process back at you. Fun times.

There isn't a huge amount we can say about FunSLINGER, other than it is a load of bloody good fun. The slingers help you toss the missile exceptionally far - far further than you would manage by throwing alone. Thanks to the shape, and the guiding fins on the rear of it, the missile flies straight and true, screaming all the way. Throwing it far is certainly easier than catching it, however.

The net on each slinger is quite narrow, which although makes it easier to quickly slice it through the air to launch the missile, makes catching the incoming target tricky. But, once we got the hang of it, after about twenty minutes of play in the park, it became second nature, letting us snatch it from the sky in style. There are no rules to playing - just chuck it about and have fun along the way.

Fortunately the slinger handles are of a size and shape that allow both children and adults to hold them comfortably. Getting a firm grip is important if you're hoping to launch the missile far - the furthest we managed was a solid 150 feet. And no, nobody caught it.

Great for park fun (if you live near a large enough park), or even splashy fun on the beach, the Fun SLINGER is an ideal summer game.


Available from www.jmldirect.com

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