12 April 2018

NEWS: Hold the moon (in lamp form)

Be a god.

If you've ever looked up at the moon and thought, 'Damn you moon! Stop judging me from your lofty position in the heavens!', read on. This snazzy LED lamp from NovaDesign should be right up your celestial body-hating alley, as it is a perfect 3D printed replica of Earth's moon.

Produced following 31 hours of detail-heavy 3D printing, the portable lamp represents the moon in all its grey, slightly bumpy detail. You charge it up via USB, then place it wherever you feel you need a touch of moon light and hit a small, concealed button. You can pick a white or yellow luminescence, and a few different brightnesses. Just like you can with the real moon. If you squint.

Fully charged, the moon lamp will shine for 30 hours, allowing you to - should you wish - switch it on for an hour a night, and hold a differently shaped bit of card up against it, accurately recreating the phases of the real moon to impress your friends/kidnap victims. Or just blow all those 30 glorious hours in one go, using it light your marathon 'luna orgy', which we are unable to attend.

For whatever reason you want your own little light-up moon, get thyself and thy monies to www.novadesign.co

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