30 April 2018

NEWS: The Cobra-1 is a form blaster for adults

Out Nerf-ing Nerf.

Currently seeking backing on Kickstarter is the Kobra-1 from Loveland Foam Armaments. This foam dart-shooting pistol, which is currently only a prototype, has been designed for adults and delivers a serious punch. If you thought the Nerf Jolt was powerful pistol, it ain't got nothing on this.

Compatible with standard Nerf Elite darts, the Kobra-1 can shoot projectiles at up 130 feet per second. This means they hit with some force, making it the ideal weapon to use in office wars against people you're not too fond of.

Loveland Foam Armaments have built the blaster from the ground up, designing a new kind of spring loader and using premium materials to make it last. It features a magazine that can hold three darts, and is cocked by yanking back on the rear loop. It looks hugely impressive for a home-made thing, so back it today to secure yours.

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