17 March 2018

The Best Classic Games Transformed into App Games

Whether you’re on last year’s iPhone or the new Land Rover phone, you’ll most likely have one or two games installed. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store are filled with games, and while they’re not all sensational games, some offer us a very special gaming experience.
The rise of apps and app games alongside the increasing power of mobile phones enabled many of our favourite games of yesteryear being remade into convenient games. From casino and lottery favorites to the old cartridge games found on the mighty handheld gaming devices, there are some incredible gaming apps that have derived from classics.

Game Boy emulators

Source: Pixabay
Even on the now very outdated mobile phones, you could get your hands on a Game Boy emulator. Nowadays, emulators have fine-tuned their format and controls systems, making them as good as the original game consoles.
Nostalgia GBC is one of the better Game Boy and Game Boy Colour emulators out here. It is compatible with many of the best games from the much-loved portable gaming devices. The app has also embraced the capabilities of modern technology byincluding a slick rewind feature, allowing you to go back a few seconds and try again.


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It used to be that people of all ages would flock to their local bingo hall once or twice a week and test their luck against the balls. Nowadays, the thrills of the popular lottery game can be found on convenient apps.
One of the many perks of bingo is that it is very easy to understand and play, with quick turnover from game to game. This makes it perfect for mobile gaming and gaming on the go. Gala stands as atop all others at the site where I find the best bingo apps, which also notes that recreating the social atmosphere of bingo is integral to a bingo app’s success.

Improving classic online games

Source: Plague Inc., via Twitter
It used to be that if you had some minutes to spare at your PC, you would turn to a free games website for some fun. The best ones required a degree of skill and strategy. Check out this, the best iPhone Casino app to keep you skills honed.
One of the classic games of this time was Pandemic and Pandemic 2. You would play as a disease trying to wipe out humanity. The app game Plague Inc. is very much the same game but with far more game modes, symptoms, and enhanced graphics. If you give this superb strategy game, remember that the key is Madagascar.
Whether you want to enjoy some nostalgic gaming, some classic bingo action, or to test your strategies against humanity, there are fun apps to fill those little voids. 

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