11 March 2018

REVIEW: STM Trilogy Backpack

Good things comes in threes

Backpack review time once again, and we're returning to old friends of the site, Australia's own STM. Proving once more that they know a thing or two about commuter backpacks down under, we're checking out one of their newst packs, the Trilogy.

Although recently we've been concerning ourselves with very technical, transforming carry-on bags, such as this one, it's nice to test one that is trimmed down, both in size and features, to act like a solid and reliable day pack. That is just what the STM Trilogy is.

Wrapped in waterproof polyester, the Trilogy is a laptop backpack designed to safely stow computers up to 15 inches in size. As with other laptop bags from STM that we've seen, the padded built-in sleeve is suspended from the base of the pack, keeping the laptop off the ground, even if you drop the bag. Your laptop will feel very secure in there, and we never had any concerns while using the bag, even when cycling.

As well as your 'puter being safe and sound, the STM Trilogy will keep a whole host of other stuff in there too, boasting a total capacity of 24 litres. As day packs go, that is very good, with most of the space taken up by one main single pocket. You might only store your laptop and a jumper in there on your way to work, but you'll be confident in the knowledge that you can also pack the Trilogy for an overnight stay somewhere.

Moving forwards from the main hold, the bag also features a front pocket which opens up wide and offers space for quick-grab documents like files and a notebook. There are also smaller pockets in there, too, good for the likes of phones, keys, coins, pens and the usual stuff you might require from day to day.

After that, the STM Trilogy boasts a single pocket up front good for wires, chargers and things you're not bothered about getting bumped and knocked. There are also the obligatory water bottle mesh pockets on either side of the pack; something you really miss when you don't have them. Other than that, you get padded shoulder straps, and a padded carry handle on top. Oh, and fabric loops for hooking up carabinas and that sort of thing.

So... as STM bags go, there isn't a great deal going on here. We were surprised to find that the Trilogy didn't feature STM's very handy cable-routing system, which allows you to connect your phone and tablet to a portable battery to receive a charge (like this). To be fair to the Trilogy, you can do that anyway, but your wires might get tangled and messy. Why STM didn't cut a few holes through the internal sections of this bag, we can't say.

So although out initial response to the lack of wow-factor was 'meh', after using the bag for a couple of weeks we found it to be solid and versatile choice. If you travel with a laptop most days, that suspended padded protection will be of definite interest, while over-nighters looking for something light and stylish (there is a choice of three colours) will love it.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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