12 March 2018

REVIEW: Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrations

Good vibrations

We have pretty tough jobs: if we're not flying drones or building LEGO, we're enjoying incredible orgasms. True story. You might remember a while back we reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples - a sex toy designed for two. This time we're revisiting the goodies offered by Satisfyer, but focusing on a personal, "alone time" toy. We check out the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrations.

To be honest, if you want to know what the big deal about the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrations is, we urge you to read the Pro 4 Couples review. That's because this is essentially the same device, but wrapped in a differently shaped body. As with the couples' version, this features Satisfyer's unique sucking mechanism which, when pressed against your clitoris, feels like someone is going down on you.

But, as the name suggests, that is not all. Operated by a separate button, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrations can also... yes, vibrate! This adds another level of sensation, which can be used independently from the suction should you wish.

Whereas the Pro 4 Couples device was designed to also fit into the vagina (and supply pleasure to the guy's wang), the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrations is a hand-held gadget for 'solo sessions'. However, it is also just as robust, flexible (it's covered in a soft-touch silicone), hypoallergenic, and waterproof. Which is handy considering how wet you're gonna get. It doesn't open up, and therefore charges via the included USB cable.

In use we found that the sensation was almost identical to the Pro 4 Couples toy, which was to be expected considering the technology involved. However, whereas we found that the couples toy was a tad uncomfortable, the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrations was far easier to use. There is only really one point of contact required to get the full effect, from both the suction and the vibrations, so you get a greater sense of control.

There are eleven levels of intensity that can be explored via the control buttons, allowing you to find your favourite. There are no patterns or cycles of vibrations - just constant - but having so many levels of strength makes for a varied session each time.

As we said of the previous device, there aren't many sex toys out on the market quite like this. The sensation of sucking, as well as vibrations, makes for a fun and teeth-chattering experience, while the toy itself is discreet, easy to clean, and seems to have a long-life battery capacity. Cum and get one.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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