19 March 2018

NEWS: You need this Darth Vader kettle

Feel the force. Of your cup of tea

Star Wars merchandise is always a bit of fun, ain't it? Wookie cushions, lightsaber chopsticks, Millennium Falcon-shaped grand pianos... all good stuff, and all desirable by die hard fans. However, regardless of your love of the Star Wars franchise, you have to ask yourself if you really want a stovetop kettle in the shape of Darth Vader's helmet. The answer should be a resounding 'yes'... but read on.

This non-electric kettle, now available from The Fowndry, is made from stainless steel and replicates the shape of the least friendly Skywalker's infamous headgear. The handle is also styled after Vader's lightsaber, but we certainly don't recommend you swish it around your kitchen, especially when filled with boiling water.

But, think about this: although we realise that Star Wars is a work of fiction (we're pretty sure, anyway), we're always slightly jarred when we see Darth Vader cutey-fied in some way, be it in cuddly toy form, or indeed in the likes of this kettle. Because that mother fucker murdered hundreds of thousands of people and slaughtered most of the remaining Jedi. Bad dude.

We're not saying it's the equivalent of Han Solo owning an Adolf Hitler kettle, but it is exactly that. Still, get yours today, you sick son of a bitch, for £49.99 from www.thefowndry.com

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