1 March 2018

NEWS: This shower curtain will hold your phone safely

The best Skype conversation you've ever had

Showers: hot, wet, and completely lacking in phones, right? Wrong, you daft bastards, because the Screenholder Shower Curtain is here to revolutionise your daily (we hope) shower routine. Behold this transparent shower curtain with pockets for your phone and tablet on the outside face, keeping your device dry, while letting you still interact with the touch screen. Wonders never cease.

So yeah, you hang this in your shower, pop in your phone to the outside pocket, and as the curtain material is conductive you can still touch the screen, to catch up with all those shower-related tweets. You could also stream some Netflix, because if there is one thing we're sure of, it's that YOU NEED TO BE ENTERTAINED ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY. If you aren't, you're not really a person.

Joking aside, this could have some uses, from always being aware of an important incoming call or text, or for the previously alluded to sexy shower Skype chat. If you're a sex cam worker, and we're assuming at least half of you are, the Screenholder Shower Curtain could vastly improve your shows. Just a suggestion.

Want one? Of course you do. Get ye dollars over to www.amazon.com for 'tis but $24.95.

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