2 March 2018

NEWS: Selfies make your nose look bigger - FACT


Ever snapped a selfie and thought, Christ, my nose looks big,? Well the truth is, it does; and not because you have a big conk. According to new research published in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal, taking a selfie can make your nose look up to 30% larger than it actually is, and it's all down to distances.

Take a selfie and you're capturing an image of your face from just a few inches away. That means the relative distances between your nose and the rest of your face from the camera lens is vastly increased, making your snozz appear bigger in the final photo. Plus, many phone cameras employ a kind of wide angle lens, which only serves to make the closest object to it, in a selfie's case your nose, seem bigger.

The photo on the left is a selfie taken from one foot away, while the one on the right is a portrait shot from about five feet away. Notice the nose?

Unfortunately this effect has lead to an increase in nose jobs, with many younger people believing their noses to be much larger than they actually are. Which is not good. So, if you're worried you resemble an elephant in the nasal department, our advice is to set up your phone five feet away, set the timer, snap a shot of yourself, then crop it to feature just your gorgeous face. Your nose worries will evaporate.


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