28 March 2018

NEWS: The Game Boy alarm clock wakes you up with nostalgia

Tetris time!

Here at Test Pit Towers our hands are still contorted and shaped to the dimensions of a Nintendo Game Boy - that's how much we all played with one as children. If you still long for simpler gaming times, and love the very look of the classic handheld console (and have already bought one for your phone), get this officially licensed Game Boy alarm clock.

Although it doesn't feature any falling blocks or jumping plumbers, the alarm clock will tell you the time, allow you to set an alarm, and play Super Mario Bros. tunes to wake your nostalgia-loving ass up.

We like this a lot, and love how the clock seems to have the exact shape of the Game Boy. Plus, it isn't hugely expensive, either. However, we'd love to see some techie tinkerer have a go at converting an original Game Boy to tell the time, and publish the plans for people to hack their own original consoles. Keep the old beauty useful.

Anyway, you can have your own for just £24.99 from www.firebox.com

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