8 March 2018

Toy Crush Review - What to Do with All These Wonderful Toys?

Toy Crush is a game about toys, and boy is it great!!!

Recently, we got wind of an exciting game at the Google Play Store. The buzz about this game was reaching fever pitch levels, and we simply had to try it out. The name of the game is Toy crush – how apropos, given we are paying homage to it in the toys section of The Test Pit. Okay back to the business at hand – Toy Crush. We like to download and install games from different platforms and systems to see how easy and convenient the process is for players. We navigated to the Google Play Store on our Android gizmos and clicked on the green install button to get started. Before we tell you what we uncovered, let’s check out this game’s pedigree.

Toy Crush by Match 3 Fun Games is a brain game. It has a rating of 4.5/5 from over 8,900 players – so you know that it’s good. It’s rated E for everyone which means that it’s great fun for the whole family – single mums, single dads, married couples, unmarried couples, kids, grandparents – whoever wants to play is welcome to download and install. The game itself is simply amazing. You get to enjoy a smorgasbord of toy-themed fun direct from your Android smartphone or tablet. Once the app has been installed, you are just a click away from the most mesmerising, addicting and fun-filled game imaginable. This arcade style game offers you incredible boosts as you solve puzzles and advance to higher levels. You’ve got to blast the cubes into smithereens, collect all sorts of cool toys, and do all of this with a limited number of moves. That’s where the true challenge of this game comes in.

How to Play Toy Crush?

Toy Crush is first and foremost a strategy-based game. We say this because if you don’t make the right moves, you will run out of moves and not be able to advance to higher levels. Sure, you can purchase additional moves by watching videos, playing other games, or buying them with gold coin. We prefer to use our mental acuity to see if we can get through levels without spending a dime. You will notice that there are multi-coloured cubes in the game. These include red, yellow, blue, green, and purple cubes.

On each of these cubes, you will notice a geometric pattern. These include hearts, circles, triangles, squares, clubs etc. Your goal is pretty simple: Match at least 2+ adjacent cubes by tapping your screen and removing them from the field of play. As you do so, additional cubes will fall into place from above and you will be able to collect toys, stars, and advance to higher levels of the game.

This Cube Game exceeds expectations in every way. You can win levels by reaching high scores and collect all sorts of cool toys when you finish missions. Once again, we have to stress that you have to complete screens and levels in as few moves as possible. This game is 100% free to download and install, and there are some pretty nifty rewards and boosters waiting for you along the way. For example, when you match 5 identical cubes, you will be awarded a rocket. This is represented by two rockets facing opposite directions in the same cube.

Once depressed, they explode in a direct line of fire. This can either be vertical, or horizontal. They will clear everything in their path, helping you to advance to new levels. Other features include the bomb. When you match at least 7 cubes, the bomb feature is activated. This explodes in all directions and helps you to clear cubes from your screen. Perhaps the most enticing element of all is the colour wheel. This feature spins around once it’s detonated and will instantly remove multiple cubes from your screen.

Lots of Cool Toy Prizes for Players

Your score improves as you pop more cubes. This puzzle-style game is captivating, rewarding, and utterly addicting. From the moment you start playing, you’ll be mesmerised by intense audio-visual gaming excellence, and more than your fair share of rewards. Toy Crush is first and foremost a puzzle style game, and it offers plenty of rewarding gameplay to fans. Our advice – give this toy game a go – in no time at all you’ll be enjoying trains, trucks, plastic hammers and all sorts of prizes. It’s the real deal folks!

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