24 February 2018

REVIEW: VTech PJ Masks Learning Tablet

Super learning powers!

Learning works better when the kids are having fun. Combine educational basics with something like a favourite children's TV show, and you're onto a winner. VTech have clearly worked that out, blending a simplified learning device with the PJ Masks. We check out the VTech PJ Masks Learning Tablet.

First up, this isn't actually a tablet but rather a conventional electronic game with an LCD screen and a full qwerty keyboard. Interestingly, kids' toys like these are some of the only places you'll see this kind of device - remember back in the '80s and '90s when all handheld games and laptops looked a bit like this? Ah, memories... It's all just apps these days, innit?

However, what the VTech PJ Masks Learning Tablet does have over a full-colour, high-res app, is that the whole unit is very small hand friendly, with large squishy buttons. There is a single on/off button, and a choice of quick to launch activity buttons at the bottom. Those activities are pretty similar to the kinds of lessons taught from the first year of primary school, as evidenced by the tablet's age recommendation of three years old and up.

Your kids can turn it on (and be greeted by a rather loud intro of the PJ Masks theme tune - once it's in your head it never leaves) and then select an activity. There is a phonics game, a matching game, and a letter learning game. Kids can also choose from rhyming, vocab and problem solving activities, all presented by and starring the PJ Masks and other characters. Everything loads quickly, is easy to follow, and rewards kids with yet more loud noises and cute pixel animations.

Although recommended for kids older than three, we had a wee two old chap have a go, and he found it fine. Also, the oldest of our pint-sized reviewers, a plucky seven year old, still found it entertaining and challenging, despite having moved on from the level of learning the activities represent. We'd say you'd be hitting the nail on the head getting this for a four year old who may soon be starting school, or a home-schooled kid who shows an interest in letters far earlier than expected.

Easy on little hands, yet challenging for little minds, the VTech PJ Masks Learning Tablet is a fun and feature-packed bit of educational kit.


Available from www.amazon.co.uk

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