9 February 2018

NEWS: Track your pet with Whistle

Where's that damn dog?

Ever lose your pets? Whether it's a dog that runs off chasing a pigeon, or a cat that simply can't be bothered to come home for dinner, losing track of your "best friend" can be a worrying thing. Fortunately the new Whistle 3 is here to calm your worries, as it is a GPS tracker that tells an app on your phone exactly where the animal in question is.

Clipping onto to any size of collar, the Whistle 3 uses GPS and a mobile signal to transmit the exact location of your dog or cat. Waterproof, you can keep it on your mutt all the time, pulling out your phone to locate he or she whenever you need to.

As well as giving you a pinpoint location of your pet, the app will also reveal where they've been, displaying a track line over a map. To be honest, this is why we're really interested in this thing, as you could attach the device to your cat at night, then in the morning see all the weird and wonderful places it has been. Because cats are mysterious creatures that perplex us.

Find out more at www.amazon.com

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