23 February 2018

NEWS: This heated jacket is smart

Alex, warm may jacket, will ya?

Humanity has finally reached the most perfect point in our evolution: we can now tell a robot to make our clothing warm on cold days. Not just that, but said clothing can detect when it is cold outside, and warm us up automatically on the walk to work. By God, we are incredible. That's all thanks to a new Kickstarter project to fund the Mercury Smart Heated Jacket.

Created by Ministry of Supply, the Mercury Jacket features three heating elements built into the fabric: two in either pocket, and one in the rear. Drawing power from a 10,000mAh battery (which can be replaced) the jacket will warm up on your command, or when it detects it is cold by way of temperatures sensors on the exterior.

But that ain't all, dear friends. The Mercury Smart Jacket is also compatible with Amazon's Alexa smart assistant, so you can literally tell Alexa to make the jacket all warm and toasty before you leave the house on a chilly morning. How good is that?

If you're interested in securing one, be sure to back the project right here, fork out at least $280, and be prepared to wait until November. Still worth it, though.

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