1 February 2018

NEWS: Sick of saying 'Okay, Google...'? There is hope

Hey Google... you're not called that anymore, okay?

If you use Google's smart assistant (which annoying, unlike Amazon's Alexa, doesn't really have a name), and have become completely sick of having to say 'Okay, Google', read on: you might soon get to change the trigger phrase. With any luck.

As we found out during our review of the Google Home Smart Speaker, 'Okay, Google', or indeed the only other option, 'Hey, Google', really don't fall from the tongue easily, whereas 'Alexa...' does. However, as reported by 9to5 Google, changes recently made to the Google Assistant app code could hint at the ability to change that phrase, potentially opening both your phone and smart speaker to different triggers. Which is fun.

Imagine being about to say simply, 'Oi, you!' to get Google listening, or indeed 'Waddup, bitch.' You could also give your assistant an Alexa-y name, such as Sandra, or Gwen. "Gwen, set a reminder for 3pm today to buy carrots." "Gwen, turn the living room lights on." "Gwen, why don't you look at me when we make love?" 

Or something.

However, right now the issue is mere speculation, and if indeed we are able to rid ourselves of the dull 'Okay, Google' we're guessing Google won't let us deviate too much from it. After all, we bet they bloody love us saying their company's name several dozen times each day. Bastards.

Gwen? GWEN?!? 

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