11 February 2018

NEWS: SEGA Mega Drive getting first new game in 20 years

We knew it was worth holding on to

If you, like many, were big SEGA Mega Drive (AKA 'Genesis' in the US) game players, and you decided to hold onto your old console since the mid '90s, you're in luck. The system is getting its first new game in over 20 years - one that will be available on an actual cartridge.

After a successful Kickstarter funding campaign, Tanglewood is now almost ready to release. The game, which lets you play as Nymn, a Tanglewood creature trying to survive the night and all the monster that live in the forest, has been developed as a true 16-bit game, and will run on the original Mega Drive, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux emulators.

As the above demo shows, Tanglewood neatly pays homage to the platform games of the classic SEGA/Nintendo era of Sonic and Mario, and even watching Nymn run brings back some happy memories. The game, created by Big Evil Corporation in Sheffield, UK, will no doubt be of huge interest to retro gaming fans who may still have their Mega Drives up and running.

Discover more, and preorder your copy, at tanglewoodgame.com

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