8 February 2018

NEWS: The North Face Geodome 4 tent can withstand 50mph winds

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We might still be in the grips of winter (on this side of the equator, at least), but we're already planning our summer camping expeditions. Although we tend to stick to tents that'll keep us cool in the hot summer sun (and the kids warm at 1am - because parenting), we'd be quite keen to get out there right now and hike into the wilderness... so long as we had the new The North Face Geodome 4 tent.

This special edition tent, which is currently only available in Japan, has been specially designed to withstand winds speeds of up to 50mph. The dome-shaped tent, standing almost seven feet in height, uses six poles to create the shape of a tough sphere, and can comfortably sleep four.

Although it would require a jaunt over to Japan to purchase (shall we?), the tent represents The North Face's latest innovations in strength and insulation, and would be the perfect winter shelter while hiking up the side of Mount Fuji. Aww, we really wanna go camping now!

Check out more The North Face stuff you can buy, here: www.amazon.co.uk

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