22 February 2018

NEWS: Land Rover have made a phone, and it's tough as old boots

Hand Rover. Geddit?

So you're cruising the outback in your rough 'n' tough Land Rover, wearing rough 'n' tough clothing and possessing a general rough 'n' tough attitude. Nothing can stop you, son. But then your phone breaks down because it got slightly damp, so now you're lost in the wilderness with no GPS and no way of calling for help. You idiot. You should've continued your rough 'n' tough thinking by buying Land Rover's new smartphone, the Explore. It's a tough bastard.

Built by British company Bullitt, the Land Rover Explore has been designed to be the ideal outdoors mobile phone, while also borrowing aesthetic elements from the Land Rover Discovery. Obviously it is waterproof and shock proof, but the Explore also features a more advanced type of GPS antenna, letting it perform more like a SatNav, and also a clever AR app, overlaying information about the landscape when you hold up the camera view.

It works quite like the Motorola Z Play by possessing a magnetic rear face, allowing you to attach useful accessories to it, such as a bigger battery, and clamps to allow it to attach to a variety of surfaces. Oh, and it looks like an actual phone, though - not something designed to blend into the dashboard of the Batmobile, as other tough smartphones tend to.

The Land Rover Explore will launch in the UK in April for £599.

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