6 February 2018

NEWS: Go drone hunting with the DroneGun Tactical

Perhaps a new sport?

Drones are everywhere these days, and as we pointed out in a recent news story about a drone flying within feet of a passenger aircraft, they can be dangerous when piloted by morons. If you think someone is flying their UAV is a less than sensible manner, or if you think your privacy is being compromised, shoot the bastard out of the sky with the DroneGun Tactical.

As violent as it sounds, the DroneGun Tactical is actually a very safe way to down a drone, shooting only radio waves. Once hit, most makes of drone will perform a controlled vertical landing, or indeed 'return to base' where you'll probably find the dodgy pilot. The gun also immediately disrupts the video signal, so you can continue sunbathing naked in your back garden.

Battery powered, and able to be used without training, the DroneGun Tactical is a point-and-shoot device that could end up saving lives. And hey, bad pilots, if the police have this, hit your drone, and it starts to descend on your location, you can probably expect to be arrested quickly.

Find out more at www.droneshield.com

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