5 February 2018

NEWS: FingerPow is a multi-pack phone charger

POWer to you

Recently passing their goal on Kickstarter, the team behind FingerPow are now set to bring this unique charging concept to life. FingerPow is a bank of four rechargeable battery packs with magnetic attachments for various models of phone. You simple snap off a couple of the packs when you leave the house, then you'll have extra charge when your phone runs low.

Each pack only contains a relatively small 600mAh battery, so is only capable of adding about 25% power to the likes of an iPhone. Still, the small size of the packs, and the fact that they attach wire-free with magnets, is really cool. The charging base for the packs is also convenient, and will probably make recharging the packs easy and memorable.

Find out more at www.facebook.com/FingerPow

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