7 February 2018

NEWS: The DTV Shredder is a cross between a scooter and a tank

Making tracks

If the wintry weather is currently bombarding your morning commute with snow, ice, and downpours of rain that cause muddy roads, this could be for you. Leave the car at home, lock up the bike, and forget about walking - you need the DTV Shredder, an all-terrain scooter with tank tracks. Shit yeah.

The DTV Shredder looks like a scooter had a baby with a tank, while a snowboard was in the room filming. The go-anywhere vehicle features a 4-stroke 196cc engine and a top speed of 30 mph. It is light enough to let you perform jumps and flips, and small enough to fit in your car boot. It can also be modified with a wealth of accessories, from a snow plough on front, to twin machine guns on top (just for the military, we assume).

However, it seems most useful at tearing up the mud while racing your mates, which is no bag thing at all. Still, to get to you work through the worst weather Jack Frost throws at you, this could be the answer.

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