27 February 2018

NEWS: Dolce & Gabbana used drones instead of models

And look how thin they are!

When you're showing off a new range of handbags, the models carrying them are surplus to requirements, really. After all, people are there to see the handbags, not the models, so why bother with them anyway? That was clearly the thinking at Dolce & Gabbana HQ when it came to planning a fashion show in Milan, as they used a fleet of drones instead.

The audience at the show were asked to turn off WiFi on their phones, and also to cut any personal data hotspots... and we can see why. Suddenly the the catwalk came alive with a procession of drones, each with one of the D&G handbags hanging underneath.

Things is, whenever we see this, or look at pictures of the event, all we can see are the drones, finding ourselves completely ignoring the handbags. Mind you, for a website run mostly by guys who like drones, you can't blame us there.

In case you were wondering, once the drones had returned backstage, actual human models came out to display the fashion house's new range of clothing, so it wasn't a total no-person show. So yeah, watch it, drones... you can't model shoes yet, can you? Dicks.

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