20 February 2018

FEATURE: February's Amazon Tech Deals

Once again we've hit Amazon hard to find some great deals in tech. Ever concerned that your bank account may be taking a pounding from buying all the cool stuff we review, we've gathered together five more cool and useful products that are currently reduced. Shop away, dear friends.

Ricoh Theta S 360 Degrees Camera

This compact, double lens camera can be used to film 360 footage for VR and also 'tiny planet' photos. Search for #360 or #tinyplanet on Instagram and the chances are the shots were snapped on one of these. And with £100 off, this is a total bargain.

Was £299.00
Now £199

Get the deal right here

We were pleased as punch when we installed British Gas' Hive smart thermostat way back in 2014, but these days the system has branched out to included other bits of tech. This Smart Cam can be used to keep an eye on your place while you're away.

Was £129
Now £98.99

Get the deal right here

Philips 24-Inch LED Monitor

Be it for gaming, editing, or just the pleasure of a larger screen as a change from your laptop, this 24 inch monitor from Philips is a slick option. Plus, right now you have more than £200 off it. Christ!

Was £324.77
Now £116.44

Get the deal right here 

Adding extra oomph to your TV or gaming set-up, or for added clarity for Skype calls and YouTube videos, a soundbar is a handy extra. This one from Trust boasts a room-filling 20W output, Bluetooth connectivity, and some nice looks.

Was £39.99
Now £19.99

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If you've recently bought a phone with a USB-C port, but all your wires are still Micro USB, you need this. This is a three-pack of small adaptors that turn a Micro USB in USB-C, making the cable compatible with the latest smartphones and laptops. And it's a frickin' steal.

Was £6.99
Now £3.99

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