8 January 2018

REVIEW: Modius

Think thin.

This is definitely an appropriate gadget to review in early January, when so many of us are pushing ourselves to continue with our health-related New Year resolutions. However, whereas normally we'd get behind you all and shout 'yes, go for that run, you bastards!', this time we suggest you take the ultra expensive trainers back to the shop, stick the kettle on and put up your feet - it seems like you'll be burning the same amount of fat. That is, if you're wearing a Modius.

The Modius is a wearable device that uses electric pulses to stimulate a certain part of your brain. This then, so we are told, tricks the brain into thinking it is doing some exercise, and in turn you burn more fat - all while sipping your morning coffee. The Modius is also capable of resetting your brain's expected fat level, so once you lose the weight, it should stay off. Mmm...

Actually, let's put our cynicism to one side and describe the headset itself. In the lush packaging the Modius is a sturdy asymmetrical thing that has been designed to be worn on the top of your head, curving back behind your ears. There are two earphone-like skin contacts which then stick via the included sticky pads directly behind your ears. Once set up in the app, it is a simple case of wearing it (while switched on, obvs) for up to one hour a day. However, check this out...

You might notice that at no point does anyone say that you should sit around on your arse all day and expect fantastic results from Modius. Clearly this is a device that "helps" in fat loss, and is not the only cause of it. So, in the run-up to Christmas, we gave it a shot.

First of all, the Modius itself is comfy to wear. It is flexible enough so that even on the largest head it wasn't crushing the brains of those who tried it at Test Pit Towers. Of the couple of us who gave it a go, one is an avid cyclist while the other is an avid... Netflix watcher. We therefore expected Mr Bike to lose the most weight over the test period as he was being the most active anyway. But...

Mr Netflix actually saw the biggest reduction. No joke. Naturally a trim guy anyway, despite his lifestyle choices, he lost a couple of pounds during the first three weeks of December, while the twice-daily cyclist lost only a pound(ish). Why? And also, why are you bothering to exercise at all?

Well, it might have something to do with how Modius works. Those electrical pulses are directed toward to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus is the part that keeps everything balanced and stable, including how much fat there should be on your body. If you spent your childhood and adolescence eating sugary and fatty foods, that fat level might be set higher, meaning it would be harder for you to lose weight naturally. Mr Netflix had a far healthier childhood than Mr Bike, meaning it was potentially easier for the Modius to set that level lower, suppressing his appetite quicker and more efficiently.

We're not sure, but one thing that is, is that it worked: weight loss was experienced by both guys. But Modius, if you want people to have total faith in your product (especially one that actively messes with your brain) please take a moment to correct some grammar issues on your site. The first time we read it we assumed we'd received a dodgy bit of tech from China, and were quite surprised to then see the modern video filled with people from Ireland (a place that, after Brexit, will probably become the tech capital of Western Europe).

So, in a very simplified way, we suppose we do recommend it. However, as even their own website points out, the actual effectiveness of it is something of a gamble for each individual user. And, at £369, this is not something most people will purchase lightly. But, if you've got the cash, and you're up for the gamble of how much it will help, Modius could help you achieve those fitness and weight goals for 2018.


Visit www.modiushealth.com

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