23 January 2018

NEWS: Revolve reinvents the wheel

The folding wheel.

You might think that the wheel is pretty spot on as an invention - it seems to have been quite popular over the past few thousands of years. However, if you're a bike commuter you'll know what a massive pain in the bum wheels can be when you're not cycling your bike and having to carry it around and park it. The Revolve Folding Wheel could come in handy.

Designed to be folded up to take up 60% less space, the Revolve Folding Wheel works quite like a Hoberman sphere (that colourful toy that expands into a bigger ball when you pull on it) so all you have to do is pull and it instantly pops out into the circular shape. You can then fit it to your bike, or even your wheelchair.

Not only is this great for storing or carrying your bike, but if you remove your front wheel when locking it up, to deter thieves from pinching it, the Revolve makes doing that so much easier.

As awesome as it sounds, we would be slightly nervous, at least at first, about using a wheel that can fold up. We mean, shit, WHAT IF IT FOLDED UP WHILE YOU'RE RIDING?!? Still, hopefully the designers can ensured that won't happen, and we're quite keen to give it a go.

No details on price or availability as of yet, but you can find out more at www.revolve-wheel.com

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