25 January 2018

NEWS: The Omni-Pillow is a traveller's dream

Convertible comfort

Long plane journeys can be a literal pain in the neck, especially if you're in couch and have limited space. Travel pillows exist, but they are usually chunky items that only serve one purpose - so a waste of space if you're travelling light. The Omni-Pillow, currently seeking backing on Kickstarter, is a three-in-on memory foam pillow that packs down tight and small.

Once you pull it out of the waterproof wrap, it can be folded over to act as a neck pillow (complete with phone pocket and headphone port), undone to act also as pillow in its own right, perfect for camping or quick naps, and finally laid out flat as a pillow topper, giving rubbish hotel pillows a memory foam top.

Which is pretty cool. We love that the pillow is made from memory foam and is very versatile - the pillow topper is especially interesting to us, having slept on some truly awful hotel pillows. We also like how it could easily be used for camping and outdoors adventures, so it ticks a lot of travelling boxes. Pledges start at £39, which is quite reasonable. Oh, and it has completely smashed it's goal, so this thing is definitely happening.

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