13 January 2018

NEWS: LG's new TV can roll away

Roll up, roll up...

Recently announced by LG at CES 2018 in Las Vegas is their new kind of OLED TV - one that can roll away. This 65 inch concept device lives inside a rectangular box that sits on a shelf or sideboard, all neatly rolled up. It folds out and stands erect whenever you need to watch TV, altering the height of the screen to change ratio of the image. This is what Digital Trends had to say about it:

Impressive to say the least; not just how the huge screen itself can curve and roll up like that, but also being able to change aspect ratio means that lots of different kinds of media can be enjoyed without those annoying black bars wasting space on the screen. We also love the info mode, where the screen displays only a narrow strip to show local info like weather.

It is interesting to see how flexible TV screens are becoming, but we're all sitting around waiting for this kind of flexi-screen tech to find it's way into our phones. Still, nice work LG.

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