22 January 2018

NEWS: Google Clips is a very clever camera

Tiny editor.

One of the new products recently announced by Google is Clips, a small action cam-like camera that has been designed to do most of the photography work for you. According to Google, Clips is intended to be set up pointing at a potential scene, then the smart tech inside will decide for you what photos and video clips are worth saving, sending them to your phone.

Clips is a learning camera, so it will, over time, come to know particular faces around the home, making sure to capture pictures and footage of certain people when they do something picturesque. It will also recognise your pets, too. Interestingly, the cam will also detect environmental conditions like light levels, and adjust the lens to get the best shot.

With a three hour battery life, it seems like Google just want you to set this up somewhere and leave it. That sounds like a good idea if you're wanting to capture a picture of something special, such as Christmas morning present opening, and also for snapping yourself doing something. But, the Google Clips is currently listed with a pre-order price of $249 which seems like a hell of a lot.

Still, if you'd like to know more, visit store.google.com

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