24 January 2018

NEWS: DJI release the Mavic Air Drone

Putting on Airs

DJI recently announced their latest flying gadget, the Mavic Air. This portable, folding drone seems to combine the best of the original DJI Mavic with the size and unique gesture controls of the DJI Spark, previously their smallest drone. Looking at the stats, this thing is impressive.

Possessing a main body similar in size to the Spark, but being able to fold up the pylons like the Mavic, the Mavic Air can shoot in 4K and features a three-axis gimbal - the only small drone of this size and class to have one. Also, this thing has a range of 3km, can fly at 42mph, and boasts a battery life of 21 minutes - which, considering the size, is fantastic.

The Mavic Air uses SmartCapture technology to allow the user to use hand gestures to complete simple tasks, like take selfies, film in orbit mode, take off and land. The camera can also auto track more than one moving object at once, and the whole thing folds up to fit in your pocket. Oh, and the sticks come off the controller, so they won't snap off in your bag. Nice.

Currently priced at £769 in the UK, you can find out more at www.dji.com

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