10 January 2018

NEWS: Bell create a VTOL taxi

In West Philadelphia it was born and raised...

Tee hee. The Bell 'Air Taxi' is the latest creation from an aviation company best known for making helicopters and military attack craft. Designed to be a pilot-free, people-carrying drone, the Air Taxi can carry four passangers and whizz them above traffic jams and, well, all the poor people far below. Check this video out...

As cool as it looks (and those rich people really do seem to be enjoying themselves, don't they?), the video is a bit vague about how the VTOL Air Taxi actually flies. Although Bell are known for making choppers, we can't see any rotors, nor can we see any drone-like quadcopter motors. Is is magic? Perhaps. But, at time of press, it was still being initially shown off at CES 2018, so hopefully more details will be announced soon.

We're guessing that the round structure on the base of the pod has something to do with it staying in the air, but we can't be sure. Still, the promo vid is very attractive, especially when you consider that Uber are interested in buying a load of these things and running a driverless Air Taxi service as soon as 2020. Christ. But anyway... why didn't they call it the Bellicopter? HA!

For further (vague for now) details, visit bellhelicopter.com

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