15 January 2018

NEWS: Behold this Nerf Minigun

We need this.

We love Nerf here on TTP, having review many blasters and played far too many Nerf battles than is healthy for fully grown men. However, our one beef with Nerf is how quickly the ammo can run out when you're trigger-happily blasting away. Which is why this 2000 round bespoke Nerf Minigun caught out eyes.

Built by YouTuber Nerf modder Captain Xavier, this custom blaster can shoot 20 Rival rounds (the fast flying round ones) per second (!) and draws from a backpack carrying 2000 of them. This means you can fire, nonstop, for ages. Check out his video (although he doesn't start shooting until 18 minutes in):

Awesome, eh? Although Captain Xavier's description is a little long-winded, and we don't actually get to see him shoot anyone with it, the build itself is great and could do some serious damage in a Nerf battle. Well, as much damage as small foam balls could do.

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