24 December 2017

REVIEW: Roccat KHAN Pro Gaming Headphones


High five to all the Star Trek fans who get that! Anyway... gaming headphones: although headphones used for hard-core gamers, especially those who play as part of the team, have often been expensive and overly complicated, that now seems to be changing, with many decent pairs dropping to sub £100. That's just what we have here: a solid pair of cans with the gamer in mind that won't require the player to have professional sponsorship to afford. We check out the Roccat KHAN Pro Gaming Headphones.

This pair of over-ear headphones are mostly made from plastic, yet feel tough and rugged in the hand. That toughness is augmented by the plastic's flexibility, and stretching them over your noggin' is easy and reassuring. The Roccat KHAN Pro Gaming Headphones feature memory foam padding on each can, and also a cushioned section on the underside of the headband. And, as they are plastic, are damn light at just 230g.

The lightness and comfort is probably the Roccat KHAN Pro Gaming Headphones's biggest selling points. At only £70 currently on Amazon we first assumed that they would be nice to wear over prolonged periods (as gamers need to do) but not so hot in terms of sound reproduction. We were wrong. In fact, the Roccat KHAN Pro Gaming Headphones boast the coveted 'Hi-Res Audio' logo on the box, which means they can produce sound to a higher quality than CDs. Well, kinda...

Hi-Res Audio basically means they can stretch up to 40 khz, whereas most other headphones will peak at 20 khz (give or take). This reads great, but the average human ear can't perceive sound that high anyway, so the 'Hi-Res' thing is somewhat of a marketing tool if nothing else. But, that doesn't mean they don't sound great, which they certainly do.

Lower level sounds, such as explosions, gunfire, and deep-bass music, were reproduced with enough oomph to keep you more than satisfied, while higher end sounds and vocals were crisp and clean. The passive noise cancellation means external sounds are kept to a minimum, which results in you keeping the volume at a lower, far better for quality, level.

Speaking of volume, the headphone wire (which is tangle-free and braided) does not feature an inline remote - which we prefer. No extra weight pulling down one side you of your head, and nothing to get caught on your clothing at your shoulder. Instead there is simply a volume dial on the left can, just underneath the microphone.

The mic seems okay - not amazing - just okay, and certainly passable for this price. In tests we, apparently, sounded fine, if a little quiet at times. Still, it does feature an auto-mute function when you lift it upwards, which any serious gamer will appreciate. We can't recommend it as a mic for recording professional quality audio for gaming videos or podcasts (you could try one of these), but for ease of use we're okay with it.

And, at the end of the day, these aren't going to break the bank. Plus, the comfort made all the difference for us, as even after many hours of having them on (on a few differently sized heads, too) they were never a pain. So the 'Hi-Res Audio' might be a bit of a gimmick, but they still sound great, and overall the Roccat KHAN Pro Gaming Headphones perform far better than their price suggest they should.


Available from: www.amazon.co.uk

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