14 December 2017

NEWS: This scale Ecto-1 model is spot on

Who ya gonna call? Your bank manager!

If you're a fan of The Ghostbusters, then you are definitely not a weirdo and we definitely do want to be your friends. So, good buddies, please check out this new sixth scale model of the 'Busters' ride, Ecto-1 from Blitzway. Hot shit, is it well detailed.

At 46 inches long, this thing is huge, and very weighty. There are 45 single LEDs dotted throughout the model, allowing you to turn on the lights and other details. The Steering wheel actually is linked to the front wheels, while the whole thing can play music and audio files via an SD card port.

But... (and it's a pretty large, slime-covered but) this spectacular thing will set you back $1390. So not cheap, then. Still, if you're a die-hard Ghostbusters fan and you have the cash to splash this Christmas, this could be that all-important self-present you've been searching for.

Or, y'know, what we've been searching for. Go on. To find out more, visit www.blitzway.com

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