6 December 2017

NEWS: Strike back at winter in these Star Wars-themed jackets

Rocking that Echo Base look.

As winter finally kicks in, and as the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, your mind might be cast back to the opening of The Empire Strikes Back and the planet of Hoth, obviously. If you've ever dreamt of fitting right in with the Rebel Alliance, the new range of winter jackets from Columbia will help, as they've drawn inspiration from Han, Luke, and Leia's kit.

The three jackets, which accurately recreate the coats the three characters wore while braving the ice planet, are limited to just 1980 pieces each, referencing the 1980 release date of The Empire Strikes Back. 

Available from Columbia's London-based store, the three coats are instantly recognisable, especially Han Solo's parka with the fur lined hood. We assume that is tauntaun fur.

There are great details on the inside, and Columbia has managed to keep the overall look, while making the jackets actually wearable on a winter's day. Available from 8th December, you can find out more at www.columbiasportswear.co.uk

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