1 December 2017

NEWS: LEGO Tron Light Cycle coming!

Greetings Programme!

We're big fans of the film Tron here, and although the long-awaited sequel, Tron: Legacy, wasn't up to all that much, we're pleased as punch to finally get some Tron-related stuff in LEGO form. Despite being completed two years ago, this LEGO Ideas set of a Tron: Legacy Light Cycle is finally being released to buy at some point next year.

Designed by the BrickBros UK, the set will include the Light Cycle itself, complete with light trail, and a single minifigure of Sam Flynn with his Frisbee-like data disk. That said, the set has to be rebuilt by the LEGO designers, who usually make several changes to the submitted creations in order to make it commercial viable.

Still, judging by the overall size of the set, and what must be a relatively low part-count, we can't imagine the final product being all that expensive. Which will be a welcome change from the usual pricey Ideas sets. But come on... TRON LEGO!

More pictures can be found right here.

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