3 December 2017

NEWS: Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter - LIFE SIZE!

'Silencing' the competition

We're all excited for the forthcoming release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi; possibly none so more than YouTuber Colin Furze. Colin has, over the past few weeks, made a life-size model of the Tie Silencer, Kylo Ren's awesome looking ride, currently only seen in the film's trailer. Check this out:

The feat is very impressive, especially considering his only reference material was plastic toy. Still, as cool as it looks, Colin Furze bugs the shit out of us. Come one - calm the fuck down, man. Watching his videos is both a real pleasure, and also extreme torture.

The ship, however, is great, and we have to applaud the fact that he's actually done it in metal, complete with glowing red engines and detail lights. The Tie Silencer seems like a cool ship, so Colin has only served to increase our excitement for the film. Damn you, Furze!

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