28 December 2017

NEWS: Kentucky Blocked Internet

KFC are branching out

Good old KFC; for years they have been supplying the good people of the world with fried chicken... and that's about it. That is, however, until now. Currently available for purchase on the KFC website is Colonel Sanders' own Internet Escape Pod - a tent designed to block internet signals to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

The point of this thing is to help you escape from the pressures of the online world, letting you (and two adult-sized friends) retreat to the weird comfort of the tent and be completely cut off from available data signals. The KFC Internet Escape Pod is made from steel and stainless steel mesh, as well as foam and enamel paint. And, you know, that huge and creepy Colonel Sanders figure draped over the top. As you do.

Sure, we can kinda see the appeal of this thing, as we often think about disconnecting for a while. However, if we were to, we're pretty sure we'd just switch off our phones and not get inside a huge metal tent. Oh, which costs $5000 by the way, and requires an expert team of assemblers to come to your home to build it. Perhaps not then.

If you'd like to know more, visit www.kfclimited.com

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